Radio Telephony Full Course


As a student pilot, you will need to have some practical training in the use and practice of radiotelephony techniques since you will, after all, be speaking on the radio as a pilot!

This one-to-one course is specifically for student pilots wishing to learn all about RT.

If you are looking specifically for preparation for the RT Practical Examination with an RT Examiner, then you will benefit more from our Radio Telephony Practical Examination Preparation Course (click here for more details).

If you are already a pilot with an RT licence, then a more suitable course for you to purchase is our Radio Telephony Brush Up Course (click here for more details).

Our expert instructors and examiners have a wealth of real-world experience in General Aviation, and are fully up to date with current procedures and best practices with regard to radiotelephony in the sector.

This PERSONAL one-to-one course comprises of 8 hours training split over two or three online sessions to your choosing and by mutual arrangement with us.

Once purchased, we will be in touch with you to arrange mutually convenient dates and times to undertake the course with you. Daytimes and Evenings are available! Once you have confirmed your course attendance on a specific date and time, and subsequently fail to attend, we will charge you a "No Show" fee in accordance with our Terms & Conditions.

Course Information

Name:Radio Telephony Full Course
Type:Radio Telephony Courses
Audience:Student Pilots, Licensed Pilots

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